Are Steam Cleaners Good For Cleaning All Kinds Of The Couch

When it comes to sofa cleaning, there is nothing better than Steam couch Cleaners. There is power in steam to clean each component of the sofa. Steam cleaning is powerful and it can kill up to 99.9% of the germs. Furthermore, it doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals, so it is safe to be used on the couches as well. When you talk about steam cleaning, it is not suitable for leather upholstery. When you are doing steam cleaning, it involves the use of water. If the moisture seeps into the leather sofa, then it turns the sofa into a dull thing. You can also hire expert upholstery cleaners.

Steam Cleaners Couch
Steam Cleaners Couch

Buying guide for steam cleaners:-

When you plan on Steam couch Cleaners, you should check out the following points to know what is best suited.

  1. The type of sofa

The sofa type matters a lot. When you plan on steam cleaning, check that the sofa can withstand the steam cleaner. Further, check the code on the labels. It can be W or S/W. If it has any such signs, then you can use a water-based cleaner. If it says S or X, then you should use a solvent cleaner instead. 

  1. The type of functions carried out by the cleaners

Next, you should check the type of functions and how you intend to use the cleaner. So, here are some of the commonly used cleaners are:

  • Portable steam cleaners

These are the handheld cleaners that do the job perfectly. You can carry them anywhere and clean them. You can use it for sanitizing and even deodorizing the fabrics. 

  • Multi-purpose cleaners

These cleaners are too versatile and can be used all around the home. You can use it to disinfect the sofas and floors too. 

  1. The warming uptime

When you go for Steam couch Cleaners, check out the warm-up time. There should be a short warm-up time. Quick heating takes place in about 7 minutes. 

  1. The size of the tank

The steam cleaners operate mostly on the heated water. If you don’t like regular refilling of the tanks, go for larger tank sizes. If you want to cut down the number of refills, the larger tanks will work wonders for you. Some of the steam cleaners come with XL 96-ounce tanks.

  1. Heating purpose

The steam cleaners can disinfect all the surfaces and the sofas. For getting the best results, go for a machine with minimum heating of 200o Fahrenheit. The warmer the temperature is, the drier the steam will be. This will help in equating for less moisture that might damage the couch in the long run. Pay the price for what the cleaners are used for. You should check out your budget first and then balance the price with the features you need. 

How to Clean a Sofa With Steam Cleaner


Steam cleaners are very versatile and they can sanitize nooks and corners of your home. Check out the various cleaners available in the markets. Steam cleaners are the best and they work perfectly on all types of couches. Get a free quote over the phone for free couch cleaning tips.