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For your house or workplace, furniture is a good investment. They may readily and tastefully enhance the environment. Especially for businesses, leather furniture is one of the most popular options. Because it creates the ideal ambience and looks for your workplace space, leather furniture does, however, require care. Have you ever considered having your furniture cleaned to extend its lifespan? Some people devote their time to cleaning the expensive leather you require.

We are aware of how competitive the cleaning industry is. On store shelves, there is also a commercial influx of leather cleaning supplies. However, these products or services frequently cause greater damage because of negligence and inappropriate handling. Sometimes, leather will rip or even fade. Because we are professionals in the sector, we accept responsibility for the furniture you entrust to us. With the help of expert cleaning services, your old will seem like new. CBD Couch Cleaning employs the best tools, cutting-edge methods, and unparalleled customer service. We provide the best couch cleaning service for upholstered indoor and outdoor furniture. Take extra care to keep your expensive beautiful and damage-free. We provide cleaning services for homes.

We Provide Several Cleaning Services

We offer cleaning services for almost any piece of furniture! Everything you require is here.

We clean the following kinds of furniture:

•       Sofas

•       Sectionals

•       Loveseats

•       Armchairs

•       Ottomans

•       Dining chairs

•       Office furniture

Are there any pieces of furniture here that you’d like to clean? Ask the cleaners to see whether we can handle cleaning the item.

Procedure We Follow for Furniture Cleaning

Furniture cleaning services are provided by our professional and advanced team. We follow the steps below to get the best results and cleaning possible:


Pre-Vacuum and Pre-Spot

After removing the soil, rinse




Steam cleaning of furniture

Furniture drying by air

Inspection after cleaning

Sanitization is a further stage in our cleaning procedure that we employ to eliminate the furniture of potentially dangerous germs. Our cleaners ensure that all stains and spots are entirely removed. Based on the fabric of your items, we establish our cleaning procedures.

Keeping Your Furniture Clean and Protected

You failed to remember that when you bought your furniture, it already had spill and stain protection. Unfortunately, that protection begins to deteriorate with all the heavy use. Cleaning protects everything well, but periodically you need professionals like us to restore all of your interiors to their pre-purchase conditions. To keep your looking as good as the day you first bought it, we provide the best upholstery cleaning services as well as stain and fibre protection treatments. We’ll apply for stain protection to keep everything appearing clean and neat for as long as feasible. We will use the appropriate chemicals to maintain the elegance of your furniture and increase its longevity because, as specialists, we are aware of the many forms of dirt that have been absorbed into it.

Get Furniture Cleaning Service on The Same Day in Perth

Do you need cleaning in Perth right now? If you book our service right away, our qualified cleaners will be at your house that very same day. For upholstered furniture, both routine cleaning and quality cleaning are required. There are many places that we frequently forget to clean, as well as certain awkward and extremely challenging upholstery corners. Complete client happiness is our top priority. We take pride in offering top-notch cleaning services that restore your worn-out furniture to life while preserving its original value. Your furniture is handled and safeguarded by our cleaning team’s professionals with the utmost skill and care.

Why Should You Choose Our Perth Furniture Cleaning Service?

• Furniture Cleaning Services Expert

• We offer efficient and professional service.

• Because of the substantial investments we’ve made in our business, we have the best furniture cleaning equipment on the market.

• All technicians attend weekly training sessions led by the Australian Cleaning Academy.

• Affordable services at Budget Friendly cost. Our staff have Certificate III in Cleaning Operations.

• Complete dirt and stain removal

• We promise to satisfy every single one of our customers.

• We offer free deodorising with every furniture cleaning job for commercial buildings.

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Extremely professional

Rated 4.0 out of 5
6 February 2023

I am very happy with the results. It was a pleasure to meet the professional team members. They did great service and were very friendly. They bring my badly stained couch back to awesome as new. Great job!

C. Green

Perfect cleaning and stain handling company

Rated 5.0 out of 5
6 February 2023

Due to the heavy use of furniture in my home, I was noticing permanent marks on the couch. But luckily this company managed everything brilliantly and saved our couches. Pleased with the reasonable cost too. Highly recommended!

A. Turner

Excellent professional service

Rated 5.0 out of 5
6 February 2023

Because of my hectic routine, I was unable to clean my couches. So, I searched online and found this company with a lot of great reviews. The professional came and moved the furniture and did his job nicely. Many thanks!

J. Lalor

CBD Couch Cleaning Perth
Location: 141 Wellington St, Perth WA 6000