Sofa Cleaning Methods

Couches are a common upholstery item used in every home and are used for multiple purposes. However, people keep wondering how to clean it once it becomes a victim of not just stains but also dust and odours. Have you ever wondered about sofa cleaning methods We can help you know what major steps to be followed? As couches are a place that lets you relax even after a hectic day, it is better if it is always neat and clean. To make this possible, continue reading this blog. 

Better couch cleaning results
Better couch cleaning results

A 3-Step Simple Sofa Cleaning Technique That Gives You The Best Results 

“Sofa cleaning methods” Get better Sofa cleaning results by following 3 simple steps: 

Inspect The Couch To Understand Its Need 

It is a well-known fact that like any other upholstery item, the couch comes in different combinations and fabric types. Some of such fabrics can be cotton, velvet, polyester, leather and linen. So, it’s important to understand the need for all such different fabrics and necessarily clean them accordingly. Because no two couch fabrics require the same type of cleaning methods. Therefore, assessing the couch fabric before getting down to cleaning is a mandatory step. This way you get to understand the couch as well as its need for cleaning. For example, there are a few couch fabrics that need different kinds of cleaning care as the following:

  • Cotton- Although cotton is one such fabric that can be easily maintained, it can shrink upon washing with water. As a result, the best solution you can think of is to dry clean the surface once in a while. 
  • Velvet- Same goes with the velvet fabric as it shrinks upon coming in contact with water. However, to get rid of a lot of dust and lint on it, you can use soft detergents. 
  • Leather- Leather is a fabric that is easy to clean but you shouldn’t drench it in water. An alternative option is to wipe the couch’s surface using a clean wet cloth. 

Review The Instructions Tagged On Couch 

Almost all couch manufacturing companies provide what kind of cleaning a couch needs. So, all you have to do is to understand the instructions labelled on the couch and follow them accordingly. In fact, the manufacturer is considered one of the best advisors when it comes to the needs of the couch. Therefore, you can review the instructions tagged on the couch for a reliable source. Because this is one of the steps in DIY couch cleaning. To familiarise yourself with the couch, you have to first review the cleaning tags and know what a specific tag on it means. Like,

  • S- S indicates solvents which means that a couch needs only specific kinds of solutions for cleaning. Later, the couch should be thoroughly dry cleaned. 
  • W- W indicates water-based cleaners which means that a couch’s fabric should be regularly cleaned. The water-based cleaners can be used as home-based agents like fabric couch cleaners or any other shampoos and detergent. 
  • W/S- W/S on a couch indicates that you can use water-based cleaners as well as solvents to clean your couch. 

Familiarise To Clean Your Couch Accordingly 

After reviewing the tag on the couch, you will get an idea of how to deep clean the couch by getting rid of grime and dust. To attain this, you have to make sure to do a good job by following the below: 

  • Vacuuming- Great way of starting a couch cleaning starts with vacuuming with an upholstery cleaning. Because this collects any amount of pet dander, food crumbs and dust from the outermost surface of a couch. While vacuuming the couch, make sure you are checking and cleaning even hidden areas. 
  • Dusting Off- Top layer of dust is now no more because of vacuuming. However, you still have to wipe the couch surface using a clean wet cloth. Note- make sure to execute this step only if your couch accepts this type of cleaning. 
  • Picking Of Lint- From your clothes, a bit of fabric gets onto the couch and this is called lint. So, take a lint roller to roll it over the couch’s surface to trap all lint and regain the smooth finishing. In fact, a lint roller is a multi-purpose tool and you can use it on any fabric. 
  • Steam Cleaning- It is one of the deep couch cleaning methods that removes embedded dirt with the use of warm steam. In fact, this is not a mandatory step if you are regularly cleaning your couch. 

How to Clean Sofa


Sofa cleaning methods is all you are stuck on? Then take quick action by taking the right professional help if your couch doesn’t show the best results with DIYs. A professional couch cleaner can be skilled as well as well-trained on how to cater to all your couch cleaning needs. Because experts are well-known about which kind of cleaning method is suitable for a specific type of couch fabric. 

A few specialties of a Sofa cleaner can be named to be experts in stains, mould, odours and other allergen removals. Moreover, an expert from an authorised company can be available 24/7 hours for bookings. Experts are also active for emergency and next-day couch cleaning services. Read here Sofa cleaning methods.