How Proper Care And Cleaning Can Extend the Life of Your Furniture & Save You Money?

Do you know that the furniture cleaning practices you follow play a big role in preserving the newness and integrity of your furniture? That means the super cozy upholstered couch you have purchased spending a lot of money can stay with your life if you undertake the precise cleaning methods! And to help you out in the DIY cleaning operations, here we CBD Couch Cleaning Perth offer proper upholstery care and cleaning tips that could add more and more years to your pricey furniture’s lifetime.

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Six Proper Upholstery Care and Cleaning Tips That You Should Follow

If you want your upholstered furniture to be durable and stay spotless, you need to clean and care for it gently. The proper upholstery care and cleaning tips mentioned below could help you out.

  1. Regular vacuuming to keep the fibres in a good state

Once dust, dirt, and grime are settled on your upholstered furniture, it becomes really hard to get rid of it. Moreover, if you skip cleaning for a long time, the dirt particles could infiltrate deeper, wearing out the fibre ahead of time. In that situation, you would either need to deal with your dirt-stained, worn-out, hollow, and unappealing furniture or get a new one, which is again money-guzzling.

So, to keep your upholstered furniture in its best-fit condition, as a thumb rule, you need to vacuum the upholsteries every 3 to 4 days or at least once a week. This practice will remove the surface dust and dirt right away, keeping the fibres healthy and vibrant.

  1. Immediate stain removal

The next one on the list of our proper upholstery care and cleaning tips is something that you don’t need to perform routinely, but when it’s time, there must be no delay. And that is: treating stains. Whether it’s a beverage spill or ink spill, you should be quick to remove it unless you want the stain to stay forever in the upholstery.

If not treated promptly, the stains could penetrate into the deeper layers of the fabric, making it hard to remove. And while the stains, never scrub or rub on the stain as it can deteriorate the condition ruining the fabric texture. So always perform the bloat treatment, and when you are using a stain removal product, make sure to do the spot test in an inconspicuous area of the furniture.

  1. Plump up the cushions

The feather or fibre-filled cushions could feel soft and fluffy at the beginning, but with time, they could get flat. And when a cushion loses its loft, not only does it feel uncomfortable but also looks awful. But if you make a habit of plumping your pillow daily at the end of the day, you could retain the shape of your pillows. Also, vacuum the cushions every now and then to keep them allergen-free.

  1. Clean your furniture as per the instructions

Vacuuming only can’t hold the shine of your furniture or its fabric quality. That is why you need to steam or dry clean it routinely. But before you use any cleaning technique or solvent, do not forget to read the care and maintenance instructions mentioned on the label or tag of the furniture.

  1. Avoid direct sunlight

Long exposure to direct sunlight can make your pricey furniture encounter premature wear and tear. Too much heat can fade the fabric colour. Also, if you keep your upholstered furniture uncovered near an open window, airborne allergens, germs, pollens, dust mites, etc., could accumulate in it, causing irreparable damage. So, two things that you need to keep in mind are: Do not keep your upholstered furniture near direct sunlight or an open window uncovered. 

  1. Considering that ventilation is a must

When your home is well insulated, it keeps your furniture safe and durable in a roundabout way. For instance, good air circulation inside your premises could keep odours and airborne pollutants, smoke, etc. away, which otherwise are likely to be absorbed by your upholstered furniture. In fact, proper ventilation also helps to get rid of moisture, keeping your furniture intact. 

What is The Finest Way To Clean Upholstery Safely and Efficiently at Home?

When it comes to retaining your furnishings, maintenance is the key. While using the store-bought cleansing products on it could sometimes show negative actions, vacuuming never! Also performing spot treatment immediately for stains is a must!

Is DIY Upholstery Cleaning a Good Choice?

When handling the cleaning program of your upholstered furniture at home, just focus on vacuuming. Handling the steam or dry cleaning program at home has too many risks involved. In case your upholstered furniture becomes overwet, it can lead to mould and mildew infestation, which is not at all a good sign.

How Often Should You Clean Your Upholstered Furniture?

Cleaning your upholstered sofa, couch or chair twice a year can keep them visibly clean, spotless, and fresh-smelling. 

Occasional Professional Cleaning Services Should Be Prioritised

Even if you follow the aforementioned proper upholstery care and cleaning tips strictly, the need for professional help will always be there. Professionals are well aware of the most suitable cleaning techniques as per your furniture type and restore its shine and lustre in just a matter of hours. So you can hire CBD couch cleaning Perth professionals for cleaning services.