What Is The Best Way To Clean A Sofa?

Do not let stubborn stains and messy spills over the sofa spoil its appearance. In the forthcoming paragraphs, we are about to share step-by-step cleaning processes and other details about sofa cleaning, which depicts that what is the best way to clean a sofa. One can use baking soda, cleaning detergents, and many other things that help to clean the sofa appropriately. You can also hire CBD Couch cleaning Perth for best services.

 Best Way To Clean A Sofa

How To Clean A Sofa (Know The Sorted Furniture Cleaning Hack) 

To get rid of dirt and debris on the sofa, use the vinegar method. You must add some drops of vinegar to half a cup of water. Use a spray bottle and apply the solution spraying over the area of stain, dirt, and debris. To lift the stains entirely, ensure to blot the area with no rubbing or scrubbing with a dry paper towel. 

Products for Sofa Upholstery Cleaning 

Suppose you want to get the best results from the cleaning solution. In that case, you must try the below-mentioned products mixture: Dry Brush, Baking Soda, Vacuuming, Vinegar, Steamer, Water, and drying towel.

Undeniably you clean the entire home, including the floor, furniture, carpets, walls, and everything. As the same, you must do with sofa also. But before anything you do with your sofa, you must carry information about what you are working with, whether it’s worth it, etc. Ensure to check the sofa cleaning codes hanging or stuck side by to understand what will be the best way to clean it. Use the appropriate solvents and cleaners, or you can ask for suggestions from professionals to do so. Once you apply the solvents and cleaning products over the sofa, keep blotting with a dry towel for righteous results. 

Know How To Clean A Fabric Sofa For Stains? 

If you are thinking what is the best way to clean a sofa, you must be stressing over the touch sofa stains. Now, check out the below-mentioned tricks on sofa stain removal. 

Get Stick with the Stain Removal Instant

When spills or stains occur over the sofa, get the cleaning solution or do something to clean it immediately. Instant action is better, as it helps to get rid of the stains instantly. Treating stains after some time will make them worsen and become stubborn. It makes the colours set over the fabric and makes it harder to get it removed from the sofa.  

Check Out the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Before you clean the sofa with any detergent or solvents, it is better to talk with some professionals and take their advice about whether to use the solvent. You can even find the cleaning process, detergent, or solvent advice from the sofa cleaning tag on the side of your sofa Failing to use the proper cleaning solvent or product might damage the upholstery permanently. 

Check Out For The Sofa Codes 

Do you know about the random letters written over the upholstery cleaning tags? Check out the meaning of all those tags and the alphabet written over them to understand which cleaning would be better for your sofa, couch, or upholstery. That’s why it would be better to check on those tags to keep your upholstery with its remarkable longevity. 

Use The Dry Brush For The Removal of Dirt & Dust Particles 

Once you read the information about sofa cleaning codes and tags, it’s time to use the dry brush. Brush the upholstery with its natural bristles to remove the dirt and dust particles accumulated over the surface of it. 

Vacuuming is a Good Option

Before scrubbing or cleaning your fabric sofa, use a hand-held vacuum cleaner for cleansing. It will remove the crumbs spread all over and loosen up the dirt & dust particles. This way, the different cleaning processes will be easy to carry forward. This will clean out the surface appropriately, and stains will be easier to track down. 

Clean with Baking Soda

Baking Soda is not just a kitchen product used for baking but also an effective and mind-blowing cleaning treatment most people often try at home, calling it a DIY option. This is helpful to remove the odor problem and loosen up stains also. Spread baking soda over the sofa and allow it for some time to let its magic carry on. This mind-boggling solution can also remove or loosen up deep-set stains. At least give 20 minutes for the baking soda to set over the fabric, which helps it get into the sofa’s depth. 

Use The Recommended Agent to Spot Treat

Once you are done with the process mentioned above; now it’s time to use professional cleaning solvents, detergents, and products. This will make the sofa look better than before and make it wholly healthy & hygienic also. At last, use a soft cloth to wipe and clean the upholstery. 

How to clean Sofa


You wanted to know, “what is the best way to clean a sofa?” You can use the above-demonstrated solution tips and ways to get the sofa cleaned. Keep it apart for the air to dry to gain its fresh vibes. Our staff have Certificate III in Cleaning Operations.